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Our Products & Its Applications

Quicklime is produced by heating limestone containing calcium carbonate at a temperature around 1000oc in a "furnace" known as limekiln.


The reaction process of Quiklime: CaCo3 + Heat = CaO + CO2

Applications of Quicklime
     Quicklime is widely use in numerous industries for different applicants. For instances :
    Steel Making

Quicklime is needed in the steel making for desulphurization and dephosphorization, as well as  to keep the slag in a basic order to prevent erosion of the furnace retractory lining.

    Nonferrous Uses
      CaO is added to adjust the PH and precipitate heavy metal.
    Soil Stabilization
      The function of lime is to react with the clay fraction in the soil to reduce the susceptibility of the compacted soil to the weakening effect of increasing moisture content.
      Lime and carbon dioxide added simultaneously to form precipitate of calcium carbonate which entraps colloidal impurities and the carbonated liquor is the filtered to remove the precipitate.
Packing of Quicklime
Quicklime in Loose Quicklime packed in 1MT Jumbo Bag
Specification of Quicklime
Parameter Quicklime
Burnt rate 95.0% min
Residual CO2 2.0% max
CaO 90.0% min
MgO 2.5% max
SiO2 1.0% max
Fe2O3 0.2% max
Al2O3 1.0% max
Lime size 20-85mm
Fine lime (0-3mm) 8.0% max
Reactivity Initial T = 20°C
Initial T rise at 30 sec. = 25~35°C
T60 = 1 Min.
Tmax = 72°C
Total T rise = 52°C
Tslaking = 5 Min.
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