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Our Products & Its Applications

Hydrated Lime consists of Calcium and Hydration, Ca(OH)2. It is converted from Quicklime into a fine, dry powder by adding water under controlled conditions.


Our Hydrated Lime is processed by using the 10 MT / Hour technology from Italy. With this technology, Compact Energy assures to offer best physical as well as chemical properties for our Hydrated Lime.

Applications of Hydrated Lime

Hydrated lime is produced by adding water to quicklime, which then forms into dry hydrated powder.


The reaction process of Hydrated Lime : CaO + H2O Ca(OH)2

    Potable Water Treatment

Hydrated lime is used in water softening where the source of water is hard. It is possible to purify the water against bacteria. During water purification, the coagulated suspended solids in raw water are removed. It serves to maintain the proper pH of potable water.

    Air Pollution Abatement
      The most important role in air pollution abatement is the removal of SO2 gas generated by the industrial and incineration plants.
    Nonferrous Uses
      Magnesium is recovered from MgCI2 through electrolytic process. Ca(OH)2 is added to react with MgCI2 followed by reaction with HCI to separate the Magnesium.
    Sugar Refining Process

In the refinery of sugar, “sugar syrup” is treated with hydrated lime to remove impurities.

Packing of Hydrated Lime
Bulk Tanker Hydrated Lime packed in Jumbo Bag Palletise - 25kg Paper Bag
Specification of Hydrated Lime
Parameter Hydrated Lime Unit
Calcium Hydroxide as Ca(OH)2 92.0 min %
Calcium Carbonate as CaCO3 5.0 max %
Magnesium Oxide as MgO 2.0 max %
Arsenic as As 5 max mg/kg
Lead as Pb 5 max mg/kg
Silica Oxide as SiO22 0.3 max %
Iron Oxide as Fe2O3 0.5 max %
Aluminium Oxide as Al2O3 0.5 max %
Water Content 2.0 max %
Fineness: Minimum 90% passing through 200 mesh sieve (75 micron)
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